On-Demand Liquor, Cake & Flowers Delivery | UpOnCall

We deliver birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, flowers, liquor from any local store in minutes. 

Hire your personal shopper now!

Your Personal Shopper On-Call | UpOnCall

UpOnCall is an on-demand delivery service that works like your personal shopper and can deliver almost anything for you. 

Whether you want groceries, essentials, liquor, birthday cake, or almost anything, it all starts with your demand, and a personal shopper (UpOnCall Driver) will personally go to a particular store you like and buys the item(s) on your behalf and delivers right at your doorstep so that you can stay safe!

UpOnCall is like having a personal shopper in your phone and can shop for you on your demand. It's easy and very friendly service can get you anything you need right at the comfort of your home, so that what are you waiting for?

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UpOnCall - Your Personal Shopper On-Call

UpOnDry is an on-demand online laundry and dry cleaning pickup and drop-off service that picks up your dirty laundry and delivers clean and fresh clothes SAME DAY!

We pick up and deliver according to your convenience, so you can choose when the clothes should be picked up and delivered on the tap of your finger.

Schedule your pickup now at UpOnDry.com or call us at 1-888-876-6671

A proud division of UpOnCall

UpOnCourier is an on-demand final mile same day local courier & delivery service that delivers almost anything for you right when you need it. We Deliver everything ASAP and within Same-Day!

Whether you bought something from Facebook marketplace, need to send an important office package before the end of the day, or want to deliver food to your restaurant customers. We got you covered!

Schedule your courier pickup now at UpOnCourier.com or call us at 1-888-876-6671

A proud division of UpOnCall

Contactless Delivery Service


To minimize the impact of COVID-19, UpOnCall is taking every measure to stop the spread while helping the community to get what they need right when they need it.